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In Ancient Greece, The Oracle of Delphi or Pythia was revered as one who could communicate with the gods. High-ranking priestesses of the Delphi temple were usually chosen to occupy this ancient and vitally important role to commune with the divine.

"After being 'purified' by fasting, drinking holy water, and bathing in the sacred Castalian Spring, the Pythia would assume her position upon a tripod seat, clasping laurel reeds in one hand and a dish of spring water in the other. Positioned above a gaping fissure, the vapours of the ancient serpent would wash over her, and she would enter the realm of the divine." –Alice Barnes-Brown

Beginning on the Spring Equinox, the Pythia would accept questions from all members of Greek society and offer her psychic visions and channelled wisdom. Inspired by this ancient practice, many priestesses today continue to practice this oracular ritual using their wombs as a gateway to universal consciousness.

Here is a guide on how to use your womb as a divinatory tool:

1. Create a cocoon-like space for your ceremony. Set an altar, light a candle, bless some water in a bowl sprinkled with your favourite herbs (like blue lotus, mugwort, yarrow, angelica, or laurel) or better yet, draw a steamy ritual bath.

2. Have a journal or your phone ready to record your intuitive downloads or channelled messages. Turn off the lights, and if possible, cover your eyes with a mask or face towel. It's essential that you are warm, cozy, and feel grounded. You can also play some meditative music to set the mood.

3. Begin the ceremony seated, connecting to the earth, and cleansing your womb space. Gently rolling your hips in circles, imagine that you are sucking in the earth's cleansing energy into your womb through your yoni with every inhale. Allow this energy to swirl around the pelvic bowl and remove any stagnant, foreign, or old energy. With every exhale, release this old energy through the yoni and into the earth to be transmuted and composted.

4. Once your womb feels cleansed, take a few deep belly breaths in and out of the mouth and focus deep inside the womb. Then, using your fire breath, create or imagine a portal inside your womb with the energy beginning to spiral rapidly, forming a vast black hole.

5. Allow this portal inside your womb to connect you to the womb of the Cosmic Mother — the universal womb where all of consciousness exists and all creation is birthed. Imagine floating in this universal womb as an orb of light, releasing your physical body so that only your pure consciousness exists in this liminal, fertile cosmic void.

6. Connect with the energy inside this universal womb and begin to ask any questions you have prepared or be open to receiving messages from the Cosmic Mother. Be patient and allow yourself to fall into a trance where time and space don't exist and where you are an open, clear vessel for receiving divine guidance.

7. If you have trouble connecting, try somatic movements like dancing and shaking the body before your ceremony. Do this ceremony first thing in the morning or right before bed. Try to take your time with the process, resist questioning what comes through, and don't give up.

The womb is a woman's greatest asset for connecting to her primal power, intuition, and wild knowing. Once you hear the voice of your wild womb, you can harness this power to embark on a grail quest to find, unleash, and embody your soul's true essence, purpose, and expression.

After Christmas, I received the download that I needed to spend an evening by myself and away from family and friends. I knew something big would come through, but I never imagined this.

As I was doing my evening meditation and connecting with spirit and cosmic guides, I got this image of a past/future life where I was living on a spaceship and was getting ready to “unplug” for the night. This shutting down meant sitting in a special chair that reminds me of a med bed or something from a science fiction movie. My physical form plugged into the chair lounge that began to regenerate my cells, reverse ageing effects, and completely reboot and heal my body. I then felt my soul leave my physical form and saw a light beam lifting me up and out of the spaceship.

I was beamed and transported to a portal where I met a collective called EON, who introduced themselves as the Creators of our Universe. My soul knew and recognized them immediately, and I started recalling many lifetimes and conversations with them. Communicating with me telepathically and energetically — EON provided clear steps on how to fulfill my soul mission here on Earth. This conversation has and will completely change the trajectory of my life, and I will fill you in on my personal journey in another post.

For now, here is a part of this conversation with EON about the state of the Earth, humanity’s role, and who they are. Please use your discernment and only accept this transmission if it resonates with your soul.

EON — Welcome. We have wanted to communicate with you for quite some time and have decided that you are ready now to receive this message. This transmission will be the initiatory step of a quantum leap process that you are experiencing and will initiate the next steps that will follow. We, therefore, ask that you share parts of this transmission with the collective.

KK — Okay, I am ready. What messages do you have for humanity regarding the planet Earth?

EON — Everything is going as planned. Your planet is experiencing a significant and necessary purge, death, cleanse, breakdown, and collapse. This turnover is part of the evolutionary process that planets in this universe undergo, where old systems, beliefs, and hierarchies (no longer in alignment with the vibration of the Earth and the universe) break down. This process allows the Earth to begin to heal, rebirth new systems, and reform itself into alignment with these new frequencies. This is a typical process that planets all over the universe experience and is not the first time your planet has undergone this type of transformation.

KK — Are we the only planet in the universe experiencing this type of evolutionary process, and are there other Earth-like planets out there?

EON — Yes, many other planets have similar molecular structures and environmental conditions to Earth with physical beings that have, are, or will experience similar evolutionary processes. However, these planets differ in themes and purposes.

KK — What is the theme and purpose of Earth?

EON — The theme of having a physical experience on the planet that you call Earth is to learn and master neutrality. As a being on your planet in this density and this timeline, you experience polarity. You experience light and darkness. The purpose is to learn how to master staying neutral and open to both experiences because both are an integral part of the human experience and your soul’s growth.

KK — How can we learn to master neutrality?

EON — Remember that the goal of this human experience is to see the light and the darkness, have positive and negative experiences, and learn to see the beauty in both. There is so much beauty around you, for life cannot thrive without both the sun and the rain. There is just as much awe, beauty, and wonder in the birth of a baby, as the final breath of a loved and wise grandmother.

You are here to feel everything. To master neutrality is not to become attached to or try to own anything. You have the opportunity to experience happiness and sadness, death and birth, love and war. When you genuinely accept that dichotomy is part of your reality — you begin to master the game that is life on Earth.

KK — How can we start to incorporate this into our daily lives?

EON — The best way to describe it is to imagine that you are surfing in the ocean. The surfer represents you as a soul and the player of the game. The ocean represents the Earth and your matrix reality. The surfboard represents your temporary physical body. As you go about surfing, you need to learn how to use your surfboard to navigate the changes in the water around you. When the water is calm and the sun shines, you can coast and ride on with ease and grace. However, when the water changes and you begin to experience strong winds and tumbling waves, you must make adjustments in order to ride and make it through the wave.

This process includes steadying your board (calming your brain and nervous system), trusting your instincts (making calculated decisions in the moment), and taking a leap of faith (surrendering to the will of the universe). Then, if you fall off your surfboard and into the water, you have the option to stay there or swim back up, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Repeatedly teaching your mind, body, and soul to become one, learning from past experiences, focusing on navigating the wave in front of you, and having faith in the overall outcome is how you learn to master the game.

KK —Are you God, and how did you become the Creators of our universe?

EON — We are God as you are God. We are EON — a collective of souls who work and function as one. We are a collective from another universe and have been through the levels of ascension many times. We reached the last level of our game so many times that we learned the secrets and knowledge of the universe we belonged to. As such, we graduated to the status of Creator and created your universe. What you call Source or God works through us and with us, as we are a mere fractal of the Great Creator of the Creators.

Trying to heal my PMDD, chronic menstrual and pelvic pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia has been my life’s work. It has consumed my time, resources, energy, and finances. The more research that I do, the harder it is to ignore the stigma, gaslighting, and disparity that women dealing with chronic pain have to endure. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain, women’s pain issues lack awareness and even recognition in the medical field. Chronic pain affects a higher proportion of women than men around the world; however, women are less likely to receive treatment. This study also found that women experience more recurring, severe, and longer-lasting pain than men — so then why aren’t there more studies and treatment options available for women?

In addition, women’s pain isn’t taken as seriously in the workplace. Envision this; a man walks into his manager’s office complaining of a stomach ache, migraine, exhaustion, and nausea. Most chances are that the man would receive sympathy and be sent home on sick leave. Imagine a woman trying to take a day or two off due to cramps, migraines, and nausea. I can tell you how differently that conversation goes from experience. After working in a corporate environment for almost 15 years, I still shudder when I think of the pain, shame, and embarrassment I went through having to have those awkward conversations with both male and female bosses.

Women have become so accustomed to living with pain that we underplay our symptoms and often do not seek medical treatment. This happened to me recently when I came down with severe shingles. I had been living with intense pain in my shoulder and right arm for weeks before I thought of getting medical attention. I thought it was just my fibromyalgia acting up. It took me hiding and sobbing on the kitchen floor and my boyfriend repeatedly urging me to call my doctor for me to take action. Luckily, I have a fantastic doctor in my extended family who swooped in right away. I am still healing and know that it wouldn’t have been such a severe case if I hadn’t waited and suffered in silence for so long.

So many women are awaiting hysterectomies that have been delayed and deemed non-essential due to the pandemic. One of these women says she feels like she's giving birth without an epidural every single day and yet had her surgery postponed for over 5 months. As my condition worsens with age, I decided to consult with another gynaecologist this March about having a hysterectomy. After kindly explaining the benefits vs risks of the procedure, I was put on a waiting list and am still waiting for a surgery date. As much as I am suffering, I see this period of waiting as a blessing, because I’m not convinced that having this surgery is the right thing for me and is worth all of the possible complications and side effects.

Lately, my intuition has been screaming at me to look into energy healing. I believe that a lot of my pain and dis-ease stems from unresolved past life trauma and energy blocks. In her book, Electric Body, Electric Health, Eileen Day McKusick (creator of the sound therapy method Biofield Tuning), explains how she’s worked with thousands of people suffering from various diseases and chronic pain. She asserts these diseases are characterized by low voltage or low battery in our energetic field due to "too much resistance blocking the natural, healthy flow of energy in the system."

McKusick has dedicated her life to researching a new paradigm that suggests humans are “fundamentally electromagnetic and vibrational”. As I read her book, I deeply resonate with her belief that we are made of light, sound, waveforms, and electromagnetic energy — vibrating at different frequencies. I am learning to deconstruct the subconscious programming, old stories, and limiting beliefs (feeling unworthiness, guilt, and not enough) that create blocks, static, and distortion in my energy field. After all, everything is energy!

Healing and reading energy called to me so much that I signed up for an intensive certification program, called Soul Teacher, to learn these intuitive and ancient healing methods. Receiving Shamanic mentorship from Nikki Novo and other spiritual teachers, I am learning how to read chakras, offer energetic healings, access the Akashic Records and past lives, and develop my own intuitive abilities.

Since starting this course, I have met some powerful and inspiring women from across the world called to this work. This experience has been a transformative and incredibly healing journey. My goal is to learn how to heal myself to help other women achieve what McKusick calls "harmonic perfection". I am also taking an in-person Reiki Master course this year to become a Canadian Reiki Association-certified Reiki practitioner. I feel like I have finally found my calling — that my 20-year journey with pain and illness has led me here to this exact moment in time to find my voice and end my suffering.

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