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Womb Oracle — Using your womb as a divinatory tool

In Ancient Greece, The Oracle of Delphi or Pythia was revered as one who could communicate with the gods. High-ranking priestesses of the Delphi temple were usually chosen to occupy this ancient and vitally important role to commune with the divine.

"After being 'purified' by fasting, drinking holy water, and bathing in the sacred Castalian Spring, the Pythia would assume her position upon a tripod seat, clasping laurel reeds in one hand and a dish of spring water in the other. Positioned above a gaping fissure, the vapours of the ancient serpent would wash over her, and she would enter the realm of the divine." –Alice Barnes-Brown

Beginning on the Spring Equinox, the Pythia would accept questions from all members of Greek society and offer her psychic visions and channelled wisdom. Inspired by this ancient practice, many priestesses today continue to practice this oracular ritual using their wombs as a gateway to universal consciousness.

Here is a guide on how to use your womb as a divinatory tool:

1. Create a cocoon-like space for your ceremony. Set an altar, light a candle, bless some water in a bowl sprinkled with your favourite herbs (like blue lotus, mugwort, yarrow, angelica, or laurel) or better yet, draw a steamy ritual bath.

2. Have a journal or your phone ready to record your intuitive downloads or channelled messages. Turn off the lights, and if possible, cover your eyes with a mask or face towel. It's essential that you are warm, cozy, and feel grounded. You can also play some meditative music to set the mood.

3. Begin the ceremony seated, connecting to the earth, and cleansing your womb space. Gently rolling your hips in circles, imagine that you are sucking in the earth's cleansing energy into your womb through your yoni with every inhale. Allow this energy to swirl around the pelvic bowl and remove any stagnant, foreign, or old energy. With every exhale, release this old energy through the yoni and into the earth to be transmuted and composted.

4. Once your womb feels cleansed, take a few deep belly breaths in and out of the mouth and focus deep inside the womb. Then, using your fire breath, create or imagine a portal inside your womb with the energy beginning to spiral rapidly, forming a vast black hole.

5. Allow this portal inside your womb to connect you to the womb of the Cosmic Mother — the universal womb where all of consciousness exists and all creation is birthed. Imagine floating in this universal womb as an orb of light, releasing your physical body so that only your pure consciousness exists in this liminal, fertile cosmic void.

6. Connect with the energy inside this universal womb and begin to ask any questions you have prepared or be open to receiving messages from the Cosmic Mother. Be patient and allow yourself to fall into a trance where time and space don't exist and where you are an open, clear vessel for receiving divine guidance.

7. If you have trouble connecting, try somatic movements like dancing and shaking the body before your ceremony. Do this ceremony first thing in the morning or right before bed. Try to take your time with the process, resist questioning what comes through, and don't give up.

The womb is a woman's greatest asset for connecting to her primal power, intuition, and wild knowing. Once you hear the voice of your wild womb, you can harness this power to embark on a grail quest to find, unleash, and embody your soul's true essence, purpose, and expression.


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