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One-to-One Mentorship Program

MATRIARCH — The Mentorship

MATRIARCH is a sacred sanctuary for the awakening woman ready to embrace her divine feminine leadership. This transformative mentorship program helps you uncover your soul's gifts and embody your most authentic expression as a leader, queen, empress, goddess, and matriarch.

This program is for women stepping into leadership roles, whether at work, in business, as mothers, or simply in their own lives. MATRIARCH guides you into this new season of life, embodying your authentic essence. As the world grows weary of destructive patriarchal systems, there is a profound need for divine feminine leadership to restore balance and compassion. Women are biologically programmed to be better leaders, bringing empathy, collaboration, and nurturing to the forefront of their leadership style. The world needs more women leaders to foster these qualities in all areas of life.


By joining MATRIARCH, you step into the role of a wise woman and sage, with one foot grounded in the earth and one foot connected to the otherworld. You become a bridge, oracle, and messenger of the unseen realms and spirits, leading with heart and compassion. Together, we will birth a new paradigm of unity, compassion, and connection, embracing a future where feminine energies are celebrated and integrated into every aspect of our lives.


Who is MATRIARCH for?

MATRIARCH is for women who feel the call to lead and create a new paradigm of unity, compassion, and connection within their communities and with the planet. It is for those being called to guide us into the future as healers, mystics, divine feminine teachers, priestesses, medicine women, CEOs, entrepreneurs, disruptors, and mothers of the new generation.


This Journey is for You if You Are:

  • Feeling Disconnected: Experiencing a sense of disconnection from the earth, your body, emotions, purpose, and intuition.

  • Lack of Guidance: You desire a mentor who can help you navigate your spiritual journey, providing wisdom and support as you step into your divine power.

  • Struggling with Authentic Expression: You find it challenging to express your true self and share your gifts with the world, feeling held back by self-doubt and fear.

  • Isolation: You feel alone on your path, yearning for a community of like-minded women who share your vision and support your growth.

  • Leadership Challenges: You know you are meant to lead but struggle to embody the qualities of a leader, queen, and matriarch, needing guidance to step into your role fully.

  • Craving Rituals and Ceremonies: Desiring rituals, ceremonies, and embodiment practices that deepen your intuitive and healing abilities.

  • Yearning for Connection: Longing for a deeper connection with nature, cosmic consciousness, and a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation.


What Can You Expect from MATRIARCH?

  • Personalized Guidance: One-on-one sessions with Kamila, tailored to your unique journey and needs, providing deep insights and transformative practices.

  • Authentic Expression: Tools and practices to help you embody and express your fullest, most authentic self, aligning with your soul's purpose.

  • Spiritual Alignment: Deep spiritual work to help you come into alignment with your soul's gifts, enhancing your ability to lead with grace and power.

  • Leadership Embodiment: Guidance to help you step into your role as a leader, queen, empress, goddess, and matriarch, birthing a new way on this planet.

  • Life and Business Creation: Learn how to create a life and business that is regenerative, nourishing, and aligned with your energetic essence and expression.

  • Leadership from Love: Learn to lead from a place of love, service, gratitude, authenticity, and confidence, sharing your unique message and soul gifts with the world.

  • Sacred Leadership Space: Experience a gentle and sacred space to explore a new type of leadership where you flow in union with your masculine and feminine energy.


1:1 Mentorship Details:

  • Duration: 3-month mentorship program with Kamila Magdalena with 4 sessions per month.

  • Sessions: 90-minute sessions including sacred teachings, guided meditations, and healing ceremonies.

  • Additional Resources: Session recordings and additional teachings, resources, and rituals are sent directly to your inbox.

  • Investment: $4,444 with monthly payment plans available.

Are you ready to step into your power and lead with authenticity, compassion, and connection? Join MATRIARCH and embark on a transformative journey with Kamila Magdalena. Together, we will birth a new paradigm and create a brighter future for all.


Embrace your journey. Embody your power. Become the matriarch you are destined to be.


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