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Conversation with EON — Creators of our Universe

After Christmas, I received the download that I needed to spend an evening by myself and away from family and friends. I knew something big would come through, but I never imagined this.

As I was doing my evening meditation and connecting with spirit and cosmic guides, I got this image of a past/future life where I was living on a spaceship and was getting ready to “unplug” for the night. This shutting down meant sitting in a special chair that reminds me of a med bed or something from a science fiction movie. My physical form plugged into the chair lounge that began to regenerate my cells, reverse ageing effects, and completely reboot and heal my body. I then felt my soul leave my physical form and saw a light beam lifting me up and out of the spaceship.

I was beamed and transported to a portal where I met a collective called EON, who introduced themselves as the Creators of our Universe. My soul knew and recognized them immediately, and I started recalling many lifetimes and conversations with them. Communicating with me telepathically and energetically — EON provided clear steps on how to fulfill my soul mission here on Earth. This conversation has and will completely change the trajectory of my life, and I will fill you in on my personal journey in another post.

For now, here is a part of this conversation with EON about the state of the Earth, humanity’s role, and who they are. Please use your discernment and only accept this transmission if it resonates with your soul.

EON — Welcome. We have wanted to communicate with you for quite some time and have decided that you are ready now to receive this message. This transmission will be the initiatory step of a quantum leap process that you are experiencing and will initiate the next steps that will follow. We, therefore, ask that you share parts of this transmission with the collective.

KK — Okay, I am ready. What messages do you have for humanity regarding the planet Earth?

EON — Everything is going as planned. Your planet is experiencing a significant and necessary purge, death, cleanse, breakdown, and collapse. This turnover is part of the evolutionary process that planets in this universe undergo, where old systems, beliefs, and hierarchies (no longer in alignment with the vibration of the Earth and the universe) break down. This process allows the Earth to begin to heal, rebirth new systems, and reform itself into alignment with these new frequencies. This is a typical process that planets all over the universe experience and is not the first time your planet has undergone this type of transformation.

KK — Are we the only planet in the universe experiencing this type of evolutionary process, and are there other Earth-like planets out there?

EON — Yes, many other planets have similar molecular structures and environmental conditions to Earth with physical beings that have, are, or will experience similar evolutionary processes. However, these planets differ in themes and purposes.

KK — What is the theme and purpose of Earth?

EON — The theme of having a physical experience on the planet that you call Earth is to learn and master neutrality. As a being on your planet in this density and this timeline, you experience polarity. You experience light and darkness. The purpose is to learn how to master staying neutral and open to both experiences because both are an integral part of the human experience and your soul’s growth.

KK — How can we learn to master neutrality?

EON — Remember that the goal of this human experience is to see the light and the darkness, have positive and negative experiences, and learn to see the beauty in both. There is so much beauty around you, for life cannot thrive without both the sun and the rain. There is just as much awe, beauty, and wonder in the birth of a baby, as the final breath of a loved and wise grandmother.

You are here to feel everything. To master neutrality is not to become attached to or try to own anything. You have the opportunity to experience happiness and sadness, death and birth, love and war. When you genuinely accept that dichotomy is part of your reality — you begin to master the game that is life on Earth.

KK — How can we start to incorporate this into our daily lives?

EON — The best way to describe it is to imagine that you are surfing in the ocean. The surfer represents you as a soul and the player of the game. The ocean represents the Earth and your matrix reality. The surfboard represents your temporary physical body. As you go about surfing, you need to learn how to use your surfboard to navigate the changes in the water around you. When the water is calm and the sun shines, you can coast and ride on with ease and grace. However, when the water changes and you begin to experience strong winds and tumbling waves, you must make adjustments in order to ride and make it through the wave.

This process includes steadying your board (calming your brain and nervous system), trusting your instincts (making calculated decisions in the moment), and taking a leap of faith (surrendering to the will of the universe). Then, if you fall off your surfboard and into the water, you have the option to stay there or swim back up, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Repeatedly teaching your mind, body, and soul to become one, learning from past experiences, focusing on navigating the wave in front of you, and having faith in the overall outcome is how you learn to master the game.

KK —Are you God, and how did you become the Creators of our universe?

EON — We are God as you are God. We are EON — a collective of souls who work and function as one. We are a collective from another universe and have been through the levels of ascension many times. We reached the last level of our game so many times that we learned the secrets and knowledge of the universe we belonged to. As such, we graduated to the status of Creator and created your universe. What you call Source or God works through us and with us, as we are a mere fractal of the Great Creator of the Creators.

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