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Reading with Kamila Magdalena

Akashic Soul Reading — $333

Discover the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records, a vibrational library containing every soul's thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Accessing these records can feel like coming home, sparking a deep sense of remembrance and connection. During your reading, we will explore insights from when your soul was created to future possibilities yet to manifest. This powerful session can guide you in various aspects of life, such as building a business, starting a new project, or making significant life changes. Experience emotional healing, gain clarity in your life direction, and foster spiritual growth as we unlock the secrets of your soul's journey.


In the sacred space of an Akashic Soul Reading, you will connect with your multidimensional and infinite self. Kamila Magdalena, a compassionate and intuitive guide, delves deep into your aura and energy to uncover the essence of your soul, offering you a comprehensive picture of who you truly are and what you came to experience in this lifetime. Using her intuitive gifts, Kamila channels messages and wisdom from your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, and star families to offer profound insights, guidance, and healing tailored to your unique journey.


What to Expect:

Connect with Your Soul's Essence: Kamila explores and shares the unique story of your soul and its evolutionary journey, leading you to this exact moment in time and space. She helps you remember and recover the unique gifts and intuitive powers you are meant to share with the world.

Sacred Space: This one-hour reading provides a sacred, non-judgmental space for you to explore and investigate the uncharted waters of your soul. Kamila holds this space with compassion, encouraging you to dive deep into the wisdom your soul has to offer.


Soul Activation: Often described as a soul remembering, this reading activates and helps you remember your soul's mission and authentic purpose. You will leave the session feeling seen, inspired, and supported in your journey ahead.


Benefits of an Akashic Soul Reading

  • Gain profound insights into any areas of your life you wish to explore, be it past lives, divine purpose, personal growth, holistic healing, or spiritual development.

  • Uncover who you truly are and what you came to experience in this lifetime.

  • Remember and recover the unique gifts and intuitive powers you came to share with the world.

  • Leave the reading feeling seen, inspired, and supported in your journey ahead.

Akashic Soul Reading:

60 minutes |virtual session

Investment: $333

Book your Akashic Soul Reading today and embark on a transformative journey.


Meet Kamila Magdalena

Kamila Magdalena is a shapeshifter, spiritual teacher, and medicine woman. She awakens the sacred in those she meets and guides seekers to embrace their multidimensional and authentic selves.


She founded this community of creatives, empaths, and healers to weave a new paradigm of unity and compassion. Kamila thrives in nature, sharing her life with her partner, stepdaughter, and house full of animals.

Read my story here.


Kind Words


"Kamila’s reading was quite literally out of this world. Not only does she have phenomenal energy and a huge heart- but she made me feel so valued and validated, along with beautiful guidance and spirit guide connections.


I’m so grateful for all the insights she shared and was blown away by how clear her delivery was. Wholeheartedly would recommend a reading with Kamila if you’re looking for a reader with such wide knowledge and connection to the metaphysical world(s).” 


"The soul reading experience with Kamila was such a profound blessing.  It was immediately apparent she was connecting with the essence of my soul and the gifts I bring into this life.


She was beautifully guided to help me better understand the karmic relationship of my life's experiences and where I am in the process of resolving and healing them.  I was deeply touched and encouraged by the experience and I continue to be every time I revisit our session recording."


"I HIGHLY recommend Kamila! She is INCREDIBLE! I sought out her services to help me understand a feminine medical challenge. In our two sessions together, I felt completely safe, cared for, and supported.


Using her amazing intuitive abilities, Kamila was able to provide a lot of critical contextual information about my soul's journey, past lives, and soul contract that helps me to understand my current situation much better. Kamila is NEXT LEVEL intuitive!

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