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Readings & Healings

NOTE — To request a session with Kamila, please email and indicate the session you wish to book.

Soul Reading — 60 min — $250 *signature offering*


Connecting with your multidimensional and infinite self, Kamila explores and shares the story of your soul and its evolutionary path leading you to this exact moment in time and space. Reading your aura and energy, Kamila offers a comprehensive picture of your soul's essence, enabling you to remember and recover the unique gifts and intuitive powers you came to share with the world. A soul reading offers you deep insight and guidance into any areas of your life you wish to explore in a sacred and non-judgmental space.


Acting as your compassionate guide, Kamila leads you to discover who you truly are and what you came to experience in this lifetime. Holding sacred space, you are encouraged to explore, investigate, and swim in the uncharted waters of your soul and the wisdom it has to share. This one-hour reading is often described as a soul retrieval, where you activate and remember your soul's mission and authentic purpose. You will leave this reading feeling seen, inspired, and supported in your journey ahead. Kamila's areas of expertise include past lives, divine purpose, personal growth, holistic healing, and spiritual development.

To request a session with Kamila, please email and indicate the session you wish to book.

Sacred Space Session— 60 min — $222 


During this one-to-one session, Kamila creates and holds sacred space for you to explore any emotions, themes, lessons, transitions, or situations you are currently experiencing. Part therapy session and part intuitive reading, Kamila guides you to embrace your inner wisdom and intuitive gifts through self-exploration, spiritual growth, and nurturing self-care practices. Throughout this journey, Kamila focuses on empowering you to become your own wise woman, sage, and healer, listening to your body and the voice of your inner knowing to overcome any challenges you face.


Throughout this experience, you are encouraged and supported to work through any challenges, fears, or desires weighing on your mind, body, and soul. Acting as a loving and supportive guide, Kamila offers insightful advice, alternative points of view, and a holistic approach in a non-judgemental and neutral environment. You will feel this session feeling seen, heard, validated, and supported to overcome any area of your life. This session is also a mini introduction to the Sacred Space Mentorship program.  

To request a session with Kamila, please email and indicate the session you wish to book.

Spiritual Healing — 60 mins — $200


This one-hour healing session is an infusion of energy healing, auric purification, and chakra alignment, focusing on restoring your life force. Kamila offers a powerful and multidimensional healing experience by combining ancient shamanic practices with new-age, quantum energy techniques. Whereas during a reading, we work together primarily on a conscious level, in a healing session, we work directly on the subconscious, subtle layers of your energetic body.


Each session is a unique journey of releasing what no longer serves you (doubt, fear, judgement, anger, societal expectations) and receiving more of your soul's desires in supporting your spiritual growth (love, confidence, forgiveness, flow, surrender, trust). Through sacred rituals, we work together to nourish and nurture you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, guiding you back to your natural, whole, and harmonic state. You will leave this session feeling refreshed, aligned, and ready to move forward in alignment with your soul.

To request a session with Kamila, please email and indicate the session you wish to book.


Kind Words


"Kamila’s reading was quite literally out of this world. Not only does she have phenomenal energy and a huge heart- but she made me feel so valued and validated, along with beautiful guidance and spirit guide connections.


I’m so grateful for all the insights she shared and was blown away by how clear her delivery was. Wholeheartedly would recommend a reading with Kamila if you’re looking for a reader with such wide knowledge and connection to the metaphysical world(s).” 


"The soul reading experience with Kamila was such a profound blessing.  It was immediately apparent she was connecting with the essence of my soul and the gifts I bring into this life.


She was beautifully guided to help me better understand the karmic relationship of my life's experiences and where I am in the process of resolving and healing them.  I was deeply touched and encouraged by the experience and I continue to be every time I revisit our session recording."


"I HIGHLY recommend Kamila! She is INCREDIBLE! I sought out her services to help me understand a feminine medical challenge. In our two sessions together, I felt completely safe, cared for, and supported.


Using her amazing intuitive abilities, Kamila was able to provide a lot of critical contextual information about my soul's journey, past lives, and soul contract that helps me to understand my current situation much better. Kamila is NEXT LEVEL intuitive!

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