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Speaking and Event Requests

Kamila Magdalena is a passionate Divine Feminine teacher, medicine woman, and ceremonialist dedicated to holding sacred space for spiritual seekers. Kamila creates powerful rituals and ceremonies that bring women together in sisterhood, helping them connect to the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine teachings and creating a new paradigm of unity and connection.


Bringing Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies to Your Event

Kamila has facilitated numerous community events, retreats, and workshops, both online and in-person. Her engaging and transformative events are perfect for new-age communities, soul-led businesses, and spiritual seekers looking to embody their highest potential, activate their intuition, and live in devotion to their soul’s unique path.


Topics Kamila Covers:

  • Resurgence of Divine Feminine and Womb Consciousness: Explore the rising energy of the divine feminine and the importance of womb consciousness in our modern world.

  • Walking the Wild Path and Following Your Intuition: Learn how to trust your inner guidance and walk your unique, untamed path.

  • Connecting with Spirits, Power Animals, Elementals, and Multidimensional Beings: Discover how to build relationships with the unseen realms and receive their wisdom.

  • Reframing Chronic Illness and Disease in a Patriarchal Medical System: Gain new perspectives on health and wellness by integrating ancient wisdom with modern practices.

  • Women’s Health and Wellness — Embracing Your Cyclic and Natural Rhythms: Understand the importance of aligning with your natural cycles and rhythms for optimal health and well-being.

  • Intuitive Healing, Channelling, and Reading Energy: Enhance your intuitive abilities and learn techniques for healing and energy reading.

  • Shamanic Journeys and Sacred Ceremonies: Experience the transformative power of shamanic practices and sacred ceremonies in connecting with your true self.

Invite Kamila to Your Space, Event, or Summit:

Kamila is excited to share her knowledge and passion with your community. Whether you are hosting a retreat, workshop, or conference, Kamila’s presence will bring your event a unique and enriching experience. For event and speaking requests, please get in touch with us at kamila@anaphorawellness. We look forward to co-creating a transformative and sacred experience with you.

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