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Media, Speaking, and Community Requests

Kamila Magdalena is a passionate and vibrant public speaker, offering her community wisdom and practical insights on embracing the ups and downs of living a soul and heart-led life. She has facilitated numerous community events, retreats, and online and in-person workshops. She loves sharing her knowledge with the new-age community, soul-led businesses, and spiritual seekers on how to embody their highest potential, navigate polarity and dualism, and live in devotion to their soul’s unique path.

Some of the topics she loves to cover are:​

  • Resurgence of divine feminine and womb consciousness;

  • Walking the wild path and following your intuition;

  • Connecting with spirits, power animals, elementals, and multidimensional beings;

  • Reframing chronic illness and disease in a patriarchal medical system;

  • Women’s health and wellness — embracing your cyclic and natural rhythms;

  • Intuitive healing, channelling, and reading energy;

  • Shamanic journeys and sacred ceremonies.

To work with Kamila, please email with your request.

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