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Human Design — A Blueprint for your Soul with Sean Murphy

I first heard about Human Design on Lacy Phillips' Expanded podcast, where she was interviewing Jenna Zoe, a world-leading expert in Human Design. Jenna describes human design, "As the contract your soul makes with the universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around." I was so enthralled with this concept that I immediately looked up my bodygraph — and there started my journey (or if you've talked to me in the past few months) my obsession with human design.

According to its founder, Ra Uru Hu, human design provides us with a map or user guide on how we are genetically designed to engage with the world. For those who are familiar with human design, I am a manifesting generator, with an emotional authority, a triple split definition, and a 5/1 personality profile. As soon as I discovered my chart, I began to research what all of these terms meant, took some of Jenna's online courses, and even ordered the overly technical textbook on the subject (which I don’t recommend).

One of the most important things to master in human design is your energy type. As a manifesting generator, I am a generator with manifesting abilities. So, I have this duality of wanting to initiate and do a bunch of things but then also having to wait for my gut or intuition to kick in and tell me if it's something that genuinely excites me. According to my energy type, I’m meant to follow a non-linear path. Rather than following a prescribed plan, I hop around, zig-zag, and can appear to be all over the place. I am learning to own this aspect of myself and not give in to societal pressures that tell people that they have to follow a plan from A to Z to be successful.

I am in the process of deconditioning, which means unlearning all the things I was taught I had to be in order to feel loved and accepted. As I shed all of these layers, I’m becoming more in tune with my highest authentic self. I am embracing following my pings, passions, and interests (even if they are all over the place and change rapidly) because each of these experiences teaches me a lesson or provides me with a needed skill. My strategy is to follow my bliss and act on the things that physically excite me. I can have several passions and various career paths. As long as these things light me up, I'll have the energy to do them all. I no longer feel the need to play it safe, always have a back-up plan for everything, or dim my light so that people around me feel more comfortable.

A few weeks ago, I decided to get a reading to dive deeper into my chart and focus on tuning into my divine purpose. I went on the My Human Design website and let my intuition guide me to choose a reader. I was drawn to Sean Murphy and her story and booked my reading with her via FaceTime. My session with Sean was life-changing and felt like a meeting of old souls. I instantly felt connected to her in a way that I couldn't explain. During my reading, Sean painted a painstakingly accurate depiction of my soul's journey in this life. She helped me to uncover my superpowers, unique gifts, and strengths and shared tips on how to integrate them into my everyday life.

As I am beginning to incorporate more and more of Sean's insights and practise using my strategy and authority correctly, my life is starting to flow and flourish with more ease and grace. Sean also taught me that because most of the arrows on the top of my chart point to the right, I'm meant to go more with the flow, focus on the present, and not plan or schedule my life so rigorously. Throughout this process, I am learning to harness my emotional intelligence, creative energy, and intuition. Sean also provided me with a personal mantra to live by, expanders, resources, and practical ways to use my gifts of communication, teaching, charisma, creativity, and inspiration.

After my reading, I was so excited about everything that I learned that I asked Sean to tell us more about her journey with human design and share some insights on how we can use our design to live more authentically.

KK — What is your definition of human design? I love the personal mantra that you gave me. Can you provide a mantra for each energy type?

SM — Human design is the blueprint of your soul. It is the science of the energetic aura, which shows us how to navigate life in a way that truly works for us. Yes, of course, I love mantras!

  • Manifesting Generators: My path is unique, and when I follow my excitement, I will always find my way.

  • Generators: If it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no!

  • Manifestors: I am a powerful leader. The more myself I am, the more everyone benefits.

  • Reflectors: I am here to be a mirror for society. My sensitivity is my superpower.

  • Projectors: I am here to be a guide. My insights and wisdom are my superpowers.

KK — How did you find out about human design? What made you want to become a reader?

SM — I started my journey with human design while in a low place, a little over a year ago. I was working at a job that I thought would be my dream career and was very unhappy. I had reached a point where I thought maybe striving for happiness was just silly. It was during this time that I found Jenna on Instagram. I had heard of human design about 2 years before, but I never understood it. The way Jenna talked about human design, showing us our "magic lane" and our gifts made me cry. It brought me a ton of comfort knowing that no matter what we have been through, we always have a divine path waiting for us. When I discovered my chart, so much in my life made sense. It helped me understand the world more deeply and see the uniqueness of each soul. Sharing this is what made me want to become a reader.

KK — I know, I cried too the first time because I felt like someone was holding up a mirror to my soul. How have you started incorporating your design into your life, and have you seen any noticeable shifts or changes?

SM — I have started integrating my design into my life in so many ways. The first is using my authority, which, as a generator, means listening to my gut. I used to pursue opportunities without first checking in to see if I was excited about them. I would then not make any progress and end up in situations or with people that didn't serve me. So, the first significant change has been tuning in to my gut and letting it lead me to what feels exciting — the key word is feel! I am often surprised by what makes me feel excited, but I know to follow it without expectations. This change has created massive shifts in my life. I have realized that life is not meant to be a struggle all of the time. My excitement has been guiding me all along, but I ignored it. Now that I follow it, there is more flow and peace in my life.

Another one is honouring my energy type. I am meant to be lit up, and when I am, I have a ton of energy. I used to be a little embarrassed by how excited I could get about some things, so I would tone down my excitement. Now, I am unapologetic about how lit up and excited I get about the things I love!

KK — What are some of the most important things to pay attention to in your body chart, and what are some of the major challenges or issues that people bring up during a reading?

SM — For me, the most essential pieces of the body graph are the energy type, strategy, and authority. Then, I would say the arrows at the top of the chart and what is called your personality sun gate, which is the gate number in the top right-hand box of the graph.

Clients ask about many things during sessions. The one that mainly comes up is feeling off track when it comes to career or purpose. Human design can help us recognize what our gifts are and how to be guided back on track, but it won't tell us exactly the best career for us. That is for us to choose and our design can help get us there. I notice that most of my clients have lost touch with their gut, intuition, emotions, or whatever it is that guides them. We are all so intuitive, but we forget that as we move through life. I believe we will all feel lost in life until we learn to tap into our deeper knowing.

Another big challenge is relationships. Relationship dynamics can be complicated, and knowing our design is an amazing tool to help us navigate them. People want to know how they can find the perfect partner, and if they are in a relationship, how they can be closer to their partner.

KK — One of the things that occurred to me while I was learning about human design was how helpful this could be for parents. How can parents use human design to help them better understand and raise their children?

SM — I believe human design is most helpful for parents because when we are young, we are our most authentic selves. We can often be conditioned out of our natural state depending on how we were raised. As far as better understanding their children, human design can show parents what the basic nature of their child is, what will determine their energy levels, how they best learn, and even what foods are right for them. Raising your child according to their design, is the most supportive thing you can do. We spend way too much time listening to homogenous advice all day long, for parenting especially. But each child is so unique. There is no one size fits all parenting style. When you know your child's design, you can learn how to best parent them in a way that supports them, cherishes them, and helps them embrace their unique, god-given nature. It's truly amazing.

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