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About Kamila Magdalena

Welcome to Anaphora Wellness Co. — a sacred space where we are free to explore, ignite, and embody our divine feminine energy in all her power and multidimensionality.


I am Kamila Magdalena, a Divine Feminine Teacher, Intuitive, and an initiated High Priestess of the Tantric Rose Mysteries in the Isis - Magdalene Lineage. As the founder of Anaphora Wellness Co., I empower women to harness their sacred feminine energy to co-create flow, freedom, unity, and abundance in their lives.


Drawing on the ancient teachings of the feminine mysteries, I help women liberate themselves from intergenerational, colonial, and patriarchal programming through emotional alchemy, embodiment practices, and aligned action. I created this community to empower and nurture women to unleash their innate power, trust their inner knowing, and activate their authentic soul gifts.


After spending almost 15 years deeply entrenched in my masculine energy within the high-pressure world of corporate communications, I suffered numerous health and personal crises that ultimately changed the trajectory of my life. This health rock bottom catalyzed my spiritual awakening and initiation into the feminine mysteries. By learning to follow my intuition and reconnect with my feminine energy, I began to see a new, much more aligned path forward. 


I now use my communication and intuitive gifts to teach and guide spiritual seekers to harness their life force for healing and spiritual evolution. I am especially devoted to helping women rewild and reconnect with the wisdom of nature, their body's cyclical rhythms, and the power of living in union with the sacred feminine and divine masculine. 


I created this community to empower, celebrate, and amplify the voices of women, wayshowers, and wisdom keepers committed to the resurgence of divine feminine consciousness on our planet. Restoring divine feminine energy on earth will enable us to return to harmony with nature and with each other, birthing a new paradigm of unity, compassion, and connection.

I was born in Poland and currently reside in Winnipeg, Canada with my partner, stepdaughter, two gorgeous pups, and a black cat. When I'm not immersed in my spiritual work, I enjoy creative writing, reading, dancing, spa days, lazy walks in nature, sipping tea, and luxurious rituals baths. 


Certifications & Training:​

  • Feminine Code Business School — Kate Murphy —2023

  • Cyclical Woman — Moon Body by Miriam — 2022

  • The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying — Sandra Ingerman — 2022

  • Illuminate, Shamanic Mentorship — Jessica Meils — 2022

  • Priestess of the Tantric Rose Mystery School — Leyolah Antara — 2022

  • Womb Wisdom Mentorship & Rewrite Your Womb Story — Humble Wild Wellness — 2021

  • Soul Teacher Level 4 Certification Program — Soul Academy, Nikki Novo Co. — 2021

  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Communications, Winnipeg — 2011

Working with Kamila: The Wise Woman Tradition

Kamila follows the Wise Woman Tradition that believes we are all self-healers and self-lovers who co-create health and well-being along with our spirit and healing allies. These allies can often be our health issues, pain, and discomforts, and even our shadows and trauma bringing us gifts of wholeness. Our allies can also be wise women who hold space for our healing and support our transformation. Kamila calls in allies from the earthly and spirit realms — in the form of plants and herbs, the animal kingdom, earth ancestors, the elements, ascended masters, and star beings that are committed to helping humanity evolve in unity, sovereignty, and harmony.

The Wise Woman Tradition is one of the most ancient health-focused traditions worldwide. It's represented by the spiral, a sacred dance of nourishment, transformation, alchemy, and self love. A woman-centred tradition of radical self compassion, sacred rituals, and respect for the earth and all her creatures. In the Wise Woman tradition, we hold space, sacred ceremony, we nourish, we tend, and we care for each other. We do not fix or cure or force. Following the unwritten and non-dogmatic Wise Woman Tradition, Kamila focuses on empowering you to become your own Wise Woman and Healer, listening to your body and the voice of your inner knowing.

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