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Welcome to Anaphora Wellness Co., where we believe in the interconnectedness of all beings, the healing power of nature, and the wisdom of the soul. We are on a sacred mission to inspire spiritual seekers to trust the voice within to create more flow, freedom, and fulfilment. As a community, we gather to weave a new paradigm of unity, compassion, and connection.


We value authenticity, freedom of expression, and the exploration of personal truth. Holding sacred space, we nourish, tend, and care for each other and our precious planet. Most importantly, we empower individuals to become their own wise men and women, spiritual guides, and healers, listening to their bodies and trusting the voice within to lead them forward. 

Join us in this vibrant community, where every step is a dance with the divine, and every moment is an invitation to create a life that’s authentically yours. 

About Kamila

Founder,  Mystic,  Medicine Woman

I am Kamila Magdalena, a mystic, spiritual guide, and medicine woman. My presence ripples through dimensions, awakening the sacred in those I meet. My passion lies in guiding seekers to fully embody their multidimensionality and authenticity.

As a disruptor, I shake old paradigms and gently guide souls to embrace their true selves. With every step, I weave the wisdom of my past, the power of my present, and the visions of my future into a tapestry of transformation and healing.


Work With Me

Connecting with your multidimensional and infinite self, Kamila explores and shares the story of your soul and its evolutionary path leading you to this exact moment in time and space. Reading your aura and energy, Kamila offers a comprehensive picture of your soul's essence, enabling you to remember and recover the unique gifts and intuitive powers you came to share with the world. A soul reading offers you deep insight and guidance into any areas of your life you wish to explore in a sacred and non-judgmental space. 




During this womb reading and activation, Kamila focuses on reconnecting you with the transformative energy of womb consciousness. Kamila teaches you how to harness the potent portal of the womb to rebirth yourself, create your desired reality, and tap into abundance consciousness. Through this reading and activation session, we explore the depths of your sacral chakra and womb to discover what needs to be witnessed, healed, and integrated. You will leave this session feeling empowered, activated, and ready to embody your inner Creatix.



Kind Words


“My soul reading with Kamila was amazing!  I’ve had quite a few readings in my life and this experience with Kamila was one of the most profound and validating.


I felt so seen, understood and supported. Kamila gave words to feelings that I had, yet could not articulate. I left the reading feeling exited and inspired to take steps towards my soul’s true calling."


"A reading with Kamila is a reading like no other — activating, affirming, and fun! Kamila is a truly talented intuitive and healer and extremely generous with her gifts.


Not only did she cover so much in our hour together, she answered my questions thoroughly; she also gave me a clear roadmap on what to do with all the information

she shared."


" I have never experienced a reading such as the one Kamila gave me. It unlocked something deep inside of me. Many weeks after my reading,

I am still downloading messages from my guides.


This was so valuable in reconnecting me with my journey on this planet. If you are curious about your soul journey, there should not be a doubt about booking a reading with Kamila!"


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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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