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Welcome, beloved soul 

You are welcomed here to walk the path of the sacred, divine, and sovereign soul. 

To become one with the rivers and oceans — flowing carelessly yet impressively through the waves of your emotions, allowing them to toil and bubble until they crash over you, cleansing, purging, and returning you to stillness.

To run with the wolves and the coyotes — howling at the moon because it’s your birthright, taking only what you need from the land, and leaving a trail of moon blood marking your territory.

To dance with the wind and trees — bare feet on the ground, mimicking the movements of the leaves and branches — becoming lost in the trance of the wild woman’s séance.

For you dance to earthquake the land, wake the bears, melt the snow, and shift the winds — to honour your ancestors and, most importantly, to stoke the embers of your slow-burning, inner flame.

Welcome, radiant soul, you are safe to express the totality of who you are here. We see, honour, and celebrate you!

Journey with us.


Soul Reading

During this intuitive reading, Kamila connects with your higher self, spirit team, and source to provide you with personal guidance and wisdom about your soul's evolution.


Reading your aura, energy, and Akasha, Kamila offers clarity surrounding all areas of your life.


Channelling the infinite wisdom of your soul and helping spirits, Kamila enables you to remember and recover your unique soul gifts and intuitive powers that you came to share with the world. 


Quantum Healing

Kamila offers a powerful and multidimensional healing experience by combining ancient shamanic practices with new age, quantum energy techniques.


Each session is a unique journey to uncover and clear out low vibrational or foreign energies, negative attachments and patterns, and inherited beliefs that keep you from genuinely embodying your soul's essence.

Kamila focuses on restoring your life force and clearing your energy allowing for self-healing.

About Kamila

Kamila Magdalena is a seer, mystic, and spiritual guide who combines ancient and cross-cultural wisdom with new age, alternative, and quantum healing techniques to meet humanity's needs and challenges. 


Kamila guides her community through soul readings, sacred ceremonies, and shamanic healing journeys to explore, ignite, and embody their highest potential. Her shamanic remedies work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to guide the person back to their natural, whole, and harmonic state.


Through her own journey with chronic illness, she has learned to reframe disease, stress, trauma, and pain as catalysts for personal growth and spiritual transformation. Kamila guides seekers to reawaken their unique soul gifts and medicine as powerful tools for healing and spiritual evolution.

Image by Evie S.

Chelsea J.

"Kamila’s reading was quite literally out of this world. Not only does she have phenomenal energy and a huge heart- but she made me feel so valued and validated, along with beautiful guidance and spirit guide connections. She is a true intuitive with a profound gift! I’m so grateful for all the insights she shared and was blown away by how clear her delivery was. Wholeheartedly would recommend a reading with Kamila if you’re looking for a reader with such wide knowledge and connection to the metaphysical world(s).” 

Jeff Y.

"The soul reading experience with Kamila was such a profound blessing.  It was immediately apparent she was connecting with the essence of my soul and the gifts I bring into this life. She was beautifully guided to help me better understand the karmic relationship of my life's experiences and where I am in the process of resolving and healing them.  I was deeply touched and encouraged by the experience and I continue to be every time I revisit our session recording."

Katrina S.

"I HIGHLY recommend Kamila! She is INCREDIBLE! I sought out her services to help me understand a feminine medical challenge at a deeper level than what doctors can do. In our two sessions together, I felt completely safe, cared for, and supported. Using her amazing intuitive abilities, Kamila was able to provide a lot of critical contextual information about my soul's journey, past lives, and soul contract that helps me to understand my current situation much better. Kamila is NEXT LEVEL intuitive! Now I know what I can do to overcome this medical challenge, and also what I can focus on as my life purpose."

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