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Shamanic Activation with Kamila Magdalena

Shamanic Womb Activation

Womb shamanism is an ancient practice that delves into the sacred centre of the womb, the core of creativity and divine feminine power. Historically rooted in various indigenous cultures, it recognizes the womb as a repository of emotional and physical traumas, as well as ancestral imprints. Through sacred shamanic energetic transmissions, we can heal and access our life force energy with the support of ancient lineages, ancestors, and spiritual guides. This deep healing journey reconnects us with our internal flame and divine feminine essence, with follow-up sessions recommended for continued transformation.


In this transformative womb reading, Kamila Magdalena guides you to reconnect with the powerful energy of your womb, a potent portal for rebirth, creation, and abundance. Whether you are a mother, a mother-to-be, or a woman seeking to harness the immense power of your womb, this session offers profound healing. You do not need a physical womb to feel the power of this portal, which is a door between worlds, connecting all of us to the great mother and Creatix of all life. 


What to Expect:

Harness the Transformative Energy of Your Womb: Kamila teaches you to tap into the potent portal of your womb to rebirth yourself, create your desired reality, and embody abundance consciousness. This reading and activation session delves into your sacral chakra and womb to uncover what needs to be witnessed, healed, and integrated.


Shamanic Womb Journey: Kamila leads you through a sacred shamanic journey, including guided meditations, embodiment practices, and energetic healings. These practices help awaken your cosmic womb and activate its immense powers of creation and manifestation.


Sacred Space for All Women: This ceremony is offered to all beings who identify as women, regardless of age or stage of their feminine cycles. It is especially beneficial for those experiencing reproductive issues, infertility, feeling stuck, or feeling the call to reconnect with their sacral power of creation.


Benefits of a Shamanic Womb Activation:

  • Tap into the transformative energy of your womb and sacral chakra.

  • Reconnect with your feminine energy and ancestral lineage.

  • Harness the potent portal of your womb for personal rebirth and manifestation.

  • Learn to cultivate and embrace a mindset of abundance and creation.

  • Uncover and heal what needs to be witnessed and integrated within your womb.

  • Awaken your cosmic womb and activate its immense powers of creation and manifestation.

Shamanic Womb Activation

60 minutes |virtual session

Investment: $333

Book your Shamanic Womb Activation today and embark on a transformative journey.


Meet Kamila Magdalena

Kamila Magdalena is a shapeshifter, divine feminine teacher, and medicine woman. As an initiated priestess and shamanic facilitator, she awakens the sacred in those she meets and guides women to embrace their multidimensional and authentic selves.


She founded this community of creatives, empaths, and healers to weave a new paradigm of unity and compassion. Kamila thrives in nature, sharing her life with her partner, stepdaughter, and house full of animals.

Read her story here.


Kind Words


"Kamila’s reading was quite literally out of this world. Not only does she have phenomenal energy and a huge heart- but she made me feel so valued and validated, along with beautiful guidance and spirit guide connections.


I’m so grateful for all the insights she shared and was blown away by how clear her delivery was. Wholeheartedly would recommend a reading with Kamila if you’re looking for a reader with such wide knowledge and connection to the metaphysical world(s).” 


"The soul reading experience with Kamila was such a profound blessing.  It was immediately apparent she was connecting with the essence of my soul and the gifts I bring into this life.


She was beautifully guided to help me better understand the karmic relationship of my life's experiences and where I am in the process of resolving and healing them.  I was deeply touched and encouraged by the experience and I continue to be every time I revisit our session recording."


"I HIGHLY recommend Kamila! She is INCREDIBLE! I sought out her services to help me understand a feminine medical challenge. In our two sessions together, I felt completely safe, cared for, and supported.


Using her amazing intuitive abilities, Kamila was able to provide a lot of critical contextual information about my soul's journey, past lives, and soul contract that helps me to understand my current situation much better. Kamila is NEXT LEVEL intuitive!

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