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Private Sessions

NOTE — Kamila's calendar is open 4-weeks in advance. If you don't see any openings, please check back in a few weeks. For in-person sessions in Winnipeg, MB, email


Soul Reading — 1-hour — $222 *signature offering*


During this intuitive reading, Kamila connects with your higher self, spirit team, and source to provide you with personal guidance and wisdom about your soul's evolution. Reading your aura, energy, and Akasha, Kamila offers insight into all areas of your life (path and purpose, career, love, family, business, and health). Channelling the infinite wisdom of your soul and helping spirits, Kamila enables you to remember and recover your unique soul gifts and intuitive powers that you came to share with the world. You will leave this reading feeling empowered to make enlightened decisions that align you to your highest timelines and potential. For in-person reading sessions in Winnipeg, Manitoba, contact


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Quantum Healing — 1-hour — $150


Kamila has adapted this ancient, shamanic healing modality to reflect humanity's needs and challenges. Kamila offers a powerful and multidimensional healing experience by combining ancient shamanic practices with new age, quantum energy techniques. Each session is a unique journey to uncover and clear out low vibrational or foreign energies, negative attachments and patterns, and inherited beliefs that keep you from genuinely embodying your soul's essence. Kamila focuses on restoring your life force and clearing your energy allowing for self-healing. Her healing modality works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to help guide you back to your natural, whole, and harmonic state.  For an in-person healing session in Winnipeg, Manitoba, contact

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Mini Psychic Reading — 30 mins — $111 


This mini reading is designed to provide you with clarity, guidance, and insight into 1-2 areas of your life. Whether you are interested in your soul's path, purpose, career, love, family, business, or health — Kamila uses her gifts to offer you channelled guidance to help you make decisions in alignment with your highest potential. A lot can happen in 30 minutes. Kamila recommends that you come prepared with 1-2 questions.

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