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Mentorship Programs

Medicina — Intuitive Healing Arts Apprenticeship  — 3 months (888/month)

This 3-month apprenticeship program is a sacred initiation into the intuitive, shamanic, and spiritual healing arts. Throughout this series, Kamila leads you through shamanic ceremonies, embodiment practices, and sacred healing rituals to activate your intuitive and healing abilities. Whether you are looking to strengthen your intuition, heal yourself, or become a professional intuitive healer — this journey is designed to reawaken your unique medicine as a powerful tool for healing and spiritual transformation. 


By learning these intuitive and shamanic healing practices, you will feel more aligned and empowered to embody your highest potential and share your gifts with your community. In this series you will learn the ancient and new-age techniques of reading and healing energy, connecting with source and helping spirits, performing shamanic healings and journeys, and facilitating sacred ceremonies and rituals. At the end of this apprenticeship, you will receive a certificate of completion and recognition as an Intuitive Healer in the Wise Woman Healing Tradition. For full details, read our brochure.


Apprenticeship includes:

  • 3-months of 1-1 mentorship for $2,660 or $888/month (9, 90-minute sessions). 

  • Unlimited access to Q&A via private chat (between Mon-Fri).

  • Payment plans are available.

Schedule a free call to learn more.

Wild Rose Mysteries — 1 0r 3-months ($1,000/month)


​This intensive, one-to-one coaching program is a sacred spiral designed to help you reconnect with the powers of your womb, body, and the wild feminine mysteries of living in sync and harmony with your rhythmic cycles. Through this ancient mystery school, we work together to activate your Divine Feminine Blueprint so you can embody your true, sovereign, and wild nature. Through ceremony, devotional practices, shamanic journeys, and sacred rites of passage, we work with the Divine Feminine Masters to override, deprogram, and release you of your inherited ancestral beliefs, societal programming, traumatic imprints, and projected self-limitations.


This program is a modern mystery school that focuses on celebrating you as you blossom into your highest expression of self. As we journey through the feminine cycles of life, death, and rebirth — we give rise to the Creatrix within you. The divine, wild, and sacred woman who feels at home in her body and on this planet, relies on her inner compass, and unabashedly dances to the beat of her unique rhythm. Upon completion of the 3-month mystery school, you will receive a certificate of recognition as a Divine Feminine Leader and Priestess of the Wild Rose Mysteries. For full details, read our brochure.


​Packages include:

  • 1-month mentorship for $1,000 (3, 90-minute sessions). 

  • 3-months for $3,ooo (9, 90-minute sessions). 

  • Unlimited access to Q&A via private chat (between Mon-Fri).

  • Payment plans are available.


Schedule a free call to learn more.

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